10th Nov 2015
Color Wheel

Color Matching My Collection

I like looking at color combinations when I’m trying to figure out my new collection. I think it’s a good idea to see what matches. I think it helps with...

06th Nov 2015

My Lazy Susan

 I ❤ a lazy Susan. I hate reaching over other people’s plates or asking anyone to pass things during dinner. I could never really find chic affordable lazy Susan. But you...

03rd Nov 2015
Favorite Fashion Book

Favorite Fashion Book

I’ve always been a fashion book connoisseur. I love to flip the pages and just visualize what a designer was thinking when they designed a piece. I also like hearing...

01st Nov 2015

Back From Break & Good Old Spain

After a great vacation in Spain and a much needed break, I’m back. I have my creative thinking cap on and great things are coming. I will be blogging every...

12th May 2015

Books Are Giving Me Life!

These fashion books are giving me life. As I prepare for the reopening of my shop been making new collections. I keep going deeper into design. I hope everyone loves...

05th May 2015
Dream Broad

Dream On A Dream Board

Lately I’ve been seeing these dream board parties. It seems like a great to put all your dreams on the board. You can see it, think it, believe it, and...

28th Apr 2015

The Trip Planner

I plan my vacations out pretty well. Some would say I plan too much but I’m the type of person that when I go on vacation all I want to...

14th Apr 2015
Cheat Day

Cheat Day

To really have a good diet you must have a cheat day. Give everything you have to your diet. Work out, eat healthy and make smart health conscious decisions. I...

07th Apr 2015

Lucky $2 Bill

Do you believe in luck? I really want to sometimes I find things are I say to myself this is lucky. I believe in it so hard that it does...

31st Mar 2015

Ground Turkey Asian Salad

Staying on a diet is so hard, when you’re someone that likes to try different types of food. The other day I was eating a Thai duck salad that was...