13th Jan 2015


I’ve always wanted to get all dressed up and go to an opera. For someone in the fashion community you love to put on a gown or some fancy dress...

06th Jan 2015

Budget to Save & Live Life

My friends and family are always asking me: “How can you afford to live that life and save money?” I tell them all time its simple budget. If you only...

01st Jan 2015
Ave Q Pic

New Year’s on Ave Q

Now this is the way to kick off the New Year. Going to see Ave Q with a friend and really trying to live by my new year’s resolutions. I...

11th Dec 2012

Change Is Coming…

I was looking at the website the other day and update came to mind. I haven’t updated the hold look of the website since February 2011. January, 2013 look at for...

28th Apr 2012
"The Best Advice I Ever Got" by, Katie Couric

The Best Advice I Ever Got… Read this book!

Must have book is “The Best Advice I Ever Got” by Katie Couric. I really love this book. I usually don’t like self-help books because I think it’s one-sided. Some...

24th Apr 2012

Handmade Jewelry

Just took a jewelry making class the other day. I can’t believe I designed, sawed, shaped and polished my own jewelry. I hope the hard work paid off? Check it...

14th Apr 2012
Bar code on deck

Business Cards

Check-out my new business cards gold edging, gold stamped name, QR code on back and a transpiration flower. I love making business cards. I update my business cards every year....

14th Mar 2012
Thank you notes

Thank You Notes

Are thank you notes a thing of the past? I don’t think so I still send them after an interview and order. I hand-write thank you notes after a telephone...

23rd Sep 2011

The Plan. Working Harder….

I’m measuring and making patterns for myself. I’m taking new classes. I’m redoing my portfolio and making a sidebook. I have a plan in my head. I can make my...

16th Sep 2011

The New Collection

To Do List -Title -Theme -Colors -Inspiration -Illustrations -Fabric -Patterns      In Progress -Collection   Can’t say