15th Dec 2015

Meal Plan/Grocery List

I used to spend a lot of money on groceries that I never got to use. Sometimes I even buy things already had. I have a new game plan on...

06th Nov 2015

My Lazy Susan

 I ❤ a lazy Susan. I hate reaching over other people’s plates or asking anyone to pass things during dinner. I could never really find chic affordable lazy Susan. But you...

24th Mar 2015

The To Do List…

Keeping myself on track is becoming harder and harder now a days. From starting my new business, blogging, staying on my diet, running errands and so much more. I need...

24th Feb 2015

Book Bar

I love to display and have a nice cocktail. Here’s how I changed my bookcase into a chic display case/bar. “If things go wrong, don’t go with them.” -Roger Babson

14th Feb 2015

Valentine’s Day Nails

Tonight is my 1st Valentines off in many year. I’m always the single one so I don’t care. Always making fun of the lovebirds at work. Tonight I have decided...

06th Jan 2015

Budget to Save & Live Life

My friends and family are always asking me: “How can you afford to live that life and save money?” I tell them all time its simple budget. If you only...

29th Mar 2011

How I measure?

Just a quick note this is how my measurements work for the garments on sale. I measure the garments on a mannequin.