• A Fashion Moment,  Tutorial

    Puffed Up Backdrop

    Anyone that knows me knows I love a great view in my pictures and videos. I’m in quarantine mode now so, I find myself doing a lot of FaceTime, zoom and selfies with the same boring background. Now I can’t have that so I created this super cute backdrop. Making this backdrop is very easy. Supplies: Glue Gun 1 pack of 10 inch long glue sticks 4 packs of Fashion Mix Pom Poms By Creatology (300 in each pack) May have some leftover. 20 x 30 inch Form Board Directions: Using the glue gun attach the extra larger Pom-Poms first (Try to scatter the colors around) Using the glue gun…

  • Tutorial

    Meal Plan/Grocery List

    I used to spend a lot of money on groceries that I never got to use. Sometimes I even buy things already had. I have a new game plan on how to save money and stick to your diet when going to the grocery store. I set up a meal plan and then I look in my kitchen to see if I had all the items for the meal. I also look around the house to see what else I may need. After all it is a grocery list. Now when I go shopping I buy those items and nothing else I don’t get anything that’s on sale. It’s like…

  • Tutorial

    My Lazy Susan

     I ❤ a lazy Susan. I hate reaching over other people’s plates or asking anyone to pass things during dinner. I could never really find chic affordable lazy Susan. But you know me what I can’t find, I’ll find a way to make. Supplies: 8-inch Good Grips Turntable 10-inch Mirror E6000® Craft Adhesive “Ideas in secret die. They need light and air or they starve to death”. – Seth Godin

  • Tutorial

    The To Do List…

    Keeping myself on track is becoming harder and harder now a days. From starting my new business, blogging, staying on my diet, running errands and so much more. I need a great to do list. Here’s a printable PDF copy To Do List. It keeps me on track and hopeful it can help you too. “We must be our own before we can be another’s.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Love a Holiday,  Tutorial

    Valentine’s Day Nails

    Tonight is my 1st Valentines off in many year. I’m always the single one so I don’t care. Always making fun of the lovebirds at work. Tonight I have decided to celebrate love. The love I have for myself, wine and great funny love stories. I may not have a Valentine but my nails sure do look sweet. Here’s how I did on the nails. “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” -Kurt Cobain

  • Tutorial

    Budget to Save & Live Life

    My friends and family are always asking me: “How can you afford to live that life and save money?” I tell them all time its simple budget. If you only budget future you’ll live the send it. If you only send and never save you’ll always be work to live. Start this year off the way you want it be forever. Not in debt, living life and loving your future. Here is a sample of my budget PDF Budget List and Excel Budget List with the formula.   Add up bills Rent, Phone, ect. Personal Grooming (getting your hair cut and/or nails done). If you done every month or more.…