12th Jan 2016

In 2015 I Learned…

I’d say for about the last two weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a New Year’s resolution. It’s pretty hard for me because I stopped making resolutions for...

05th May 2015

Dream On A Dream Board

Lately I’ve been seeing these dream board parties. It seems like a great to put all your dreams on the board. You can see it, think it, believe it, and...

07th Apr 2015

Lucky $2 Bill

Do you believe in luck? I really want to sometimes I find things are I say to myself this is lucky. I believe in it so hard that it does...

24th Apr 2012

Handmade Jewelry

Just took a jewelry making class the other day. I can’t believe I designed, sawed, shaped and polished my own jewelry. I hope the hard work paid off? Check it...

14th Mar 2012

Thank You Notes

Are thank you notes a thing of the past? I don’t think so I still send them after an interview and order. I hand-write thank you notes after a telephone...

08th Aug 2011

Hello New York

Hello Everyone, I’m a New Yorker now. I just moved and will keep you posted on the new things to come. -Lisa

25th Mar 2011
Labels & Hangtags pic


Just got my labels in the mail. Hope the labels look good with the hangtags I just made. Do you like the hangtags and labels? Hope so there already sewn...

12th Mar 2011

Design Mode

I’m working on some concept and designs. The sketches are on the way.

02nd Mar 2011

Plus & Curvy Needs

Hello, curvy women what are your clothing needs? What do you look for and/or wish you could find when putting together an ensemble? What are the things you look for...

15th Feb 2011

Small Room Big Dreams & Designs

This room is my craft lab, design lab, sewing/cutting lab, cocktail lounge, and bedroom. But I believe in this small space all of my designing dreams will come true. So...