• Love a Holiday

    Happy New Year!!!

    What’s the best thing to do when you have nothing to do on New Year’s Eve? Eat well that’s what I say! This is my last meal of 2015. Mmmmm buffalo chicken strips, spicy salsa, ranch dressing and a biscuit. The ingredients for perfect sandwich. Desert vanilla pudding with Nilla wafers and strawberries. To finish it off a glass of rose with cranberries. I did end the night at my friend’s house , who called me over watch the ball drop. Beware of any enterprise requiring new clothes. – Henry Thoreau

  • Love a Holiday

    Pretty Picky Eater

    As a New Yorker I ride the MTA almost everyday. I always have my headsets on because I don’t want to hear crazyness. Last night I forgot my headsets at home forcing me to play my games in silence. I wound up overhearing a conversation of these two girls planning book club meeting Secret Santa party with picky eaters. My friends and I pretty much eat anything and everything. The party hostess in me try to think about what I would do in that type of situation. What would I do if I had someone that was lactose intolerant, someone that loves meat and someone that can’t eat pork and people that…

  • Love a Holiday,  Sweet Tables


    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays 2nd to my birthday of course. I wanted to throw a nice dinner party at my friends and my uncle in town from down south. All my friends are working on thanksgiving. “So what’s better than Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving a day earlier?” It may be a lot of work but I enjoy throwing/hosting parties. I really feel like everyone should be thankful everyday, so it doesn’t matter when you. What do you think? P.S. Sorry there was no post for Tuesday the 24. I was getting ready for Friendsgiving. “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Love a Holiday,  Tutorial

    Valentine’s Day Nails

    Tonight is my 1st Valentines off in many year. I’m always the single one so I don’t care. Always making fun of the lovebirds at work. Tonight I have decided to celebrate love. The love I have for myself, wine and great funny love stories. I may not have a Valentine but my nails sure do look sweet. Here’s how I did on the nails. “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” -Kurt Cobain