Change Is Coming…

I was looking at the website the other day and update came to mind. I haven’t updated the hold look of the website since February 2011. January, 2013 look at for the change to If anyone has suggestions or ideas for the website leave it...

Bar code on deck

Business Cards

Check-out my new business cards gold edging, gold stamped name, QR code on back and a transpiration flower. I love making business cards. I update my business cards every year. People always ask me who makes my cards and I proudly say I do. Starting July...


The New Collection

To Do List -Title -Theme -Colors -Inspiration -Illustrations -Fabric -Patterns      In Progress -Collection   Can’t say


Inspiration is key…

My inspiration for the new collection. Coming soon.


Curve Appeal Sneak Peek

This is just one of my new designs. More new designs are on the way. I know the wait is well worth it!! Tell me what you think. Do you wear short dresses as a full figured woman to work?

Coming Soon

The Shop is Coming

The online store should be opening on April 4, 2011. If you like to purchase something now before the store opens or want more information on fit, size and customization please contact me at