Love a Holiday

Pretty Picky Eater

IMG_5370As a New Yorker I ride the MTA almost everyday. I always have my headsets on because I don’t want to hear crazyness. Last night I forgot my headsets at home forcing me to play my games in silence. I wound up overhearing a conversation of these two girls planning book club meeting Secret Santa party with picky eaters. My friends and I pretty much eat anything and everything. The party hostess in me try to think about what I would do in that type of situation. What would I do if I had someone that was lactose intolerant, someone that loves meat and someone that can’t eat pork and people that just want to drink and be merry.
IMG_5368 To add a nice little holiday touch I did a star cut out of cheese, with a cookie cutter.
“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in diamonds.” —Mae West

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