Budget to Save & Live Life

My friends and family are always asking me: “How can you afford to live that life and save money?” I tell them all time its simple budget. If you only budget future you’ll live the send it. If you only send and never save you’ll always be work to live. Start this year off the way you want it be forever. Not in debt, living life and loving your future. Here is a sample of my budget PDF Budget List and Excel Budget List with the formula.

Budget ListX


  1. Add up bills
    • Rent, Phone, ect.
    • Personal Grooming (getting your hair cut and/or nails done). If you done every month or more. It’s a bill.
    • Family Fund. If your giving your child an allowance, giving your grandmother money because her social security in low or giving your sister money for watching the kids on date night. It’s a bill.
    • Fun Money. This is the money have earned from last month to play with. You’ll see later in section 6. (Dinning out with friends, buying a new outfit, going to a play, game or movie)
    • Misc. Any other bills car payment, child support
  2. Input Weekly Pay (Net Pay)
  3. Input Weekly Savings (Directly Deposit out of your pay each week into your saving account.)
  4. Bonus (Bonus from work, income tax check, home business income, and/or any other money you receive outside of your pay check.)
  5. Add up Saving
    • Input your opening amount in Saving Account
    • Add in the directly deposit out of your pay each week
    • Add in directly deposit from checking monthly payment
    • Add in extra saving
  6. Real Budget
    • Add total pay and bonus
    • Subtract your bills
    • Divide whats left in half
    • Half should go into your savings account
    • Half is the fun money you’ve earned for next month. Work hard so you can play harder…

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” -Seth Godin

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