Small Room Big Dreams & Designs


This room is my craft lab, design lab, sewing/cutting lab, cocktail lounge, and bedroom. But I believe in this small space all of my designing dreams will come true. So lets go little room we can make it happen.

8 Responses to “Small Room Big Dreams & Designs

  • It’s amazing what you do with such little space. You’re organizational skills show a lot about you. You are able to work in the tightest of space and I think its awesome cause your work still comes out incredible. Thank you for the awesome behind the scenes insight into your world!

  • Wow Lisa its incredible how little space you have and still your work still comes out so big and amazing keep up the great work….

  • Love the site, the clothes look fabulous. I have a question. Do you make clothes by order if someone gives you their measurements?

  • Love the pic of your workspace! Looks like amazing things happen in here!

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