20th Nov 2015
Washington Square Park

A View on Every Corner of “New York New York”

A lot of people think when you come to New York you have to pay to sightsee. But today I remembered that in New York there’s always a sight to...

17th Nov 2015
Coming Soon

Sale Sale Sale!

My Etsy store will be back on Cyber Monday November 30, 2015 and here’s a 10% off discount code: TheCyber15 “If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but...

13th Nov 2015
Top of the Rock1

Top of The Rock

As someone that wasn’t born in New York. I find myself always trying to do touristy things. I want to always have the feeling of someone that was born here....

10th Nov 2015
Color Wheel

Color Matching My Collection

I like looking at color combinations when I’m trying to figure out my new collection. I think it’s a good idea to see what matches. I think it helps with...

06th Nov 2015
Lazy Susan2

My Lazy Susan

I ❤ a lazy Susan. I hate reaching over other people’s plates or asking anyone to pass things during dinner. I could never really find chic affordable lazy Susan. But you...

03rd Nov 2015
Favorite Fashion Book

Favorite Fashion Book

I’ve always been a fashion book connoisseur. I love to flip the pages and just visualize what a designer was thinking when they designed a piece. I also like hearing...

01st Nov 2015

Back From Break & Good Old Spain

After a great vacation in Spain and a much needed break, I’m back. I have my creative thinking cap on and great things are coming. I will be blogging every...

12th May 2015

Books Are Giving Me Life!

These fashion books are giving me life. As I prepare for the reopening of my shop been making new collections. I keep going deeper into design. I hope everyone loves...

05th May 2015
Dream Broad

Dream On A Dream Board

Lately I’ve been seeing these dream board parties. It seems like a great to put all your dreams on the board. You can see it, think it, believe it, and...

28th Apr 2015

The Trip Planner

I plan my vacations out pretty well. Some would say I plan too much but I’m the type of person that when I go on vacation all I want to...