24th Mar 2015
ToDoList Pic

The To Do List…

Keeping myself on track is becoming harder and harder now a days. From starting my new business, blogging, staying on my diet, running errands and so much more. I need...

17th Mar 2015
2St Patty 2012

St. Patrick’s Day

You have to love getting dressing-up and drinking all day. Unfortunately this year I have to work on St. Patties day. Here’s a throwback picture of me drinking my butt...

10th Mar 2015

Canvas My State to State

In my 30 years of life. I have lived in 3 State in the US and traveled some. While one would say I like to travel. I say I love...

24th Feb 2015
Bar Cover

Book Bar

I love to display and have a nice cocktail. Here’s how I changed my bookcase into a chic display case/bar. “If things go wrong, don’t go with them.” -Roger Babson

14th Feb 2015
VDay Sign

Valentine’s Day Nails

Tonight is my 1st Valentines off in many year. I’m always the single one so I don’t care. Always making fun of the lovebirds at work. Tonight I have decided...

03rd Feb 2015
Bucket List Cover

Bucket List

The bucket list is the best thing to have and even better to live. I have always had a bucket list. I don’t always look or think about it. Once...

27th Jan 2015

Wedding Invitations Verbiage

I was on the phone with my crafty friends today. She had just gotten a wedding invitation with the “craziest ghetto wording.” Those are her words. Many people are starting...

13th Jan 2015


I’ve always wanted to get all dressed up and go to an opera. For someone in the fashion community you love to put on a gown or some fancy dress...

06th Jan 2015

Budget to Save & Live Life

My friends and family are always asking me: “How can you afford to live that life and save money?” I tell them all time its simple budget. If you only...

01st Jan 2015
Ave Q Pic

New Year’s on Ave Q

Now this is the way to kick off the New Year. Going to see Ave Q with a friend and really trying to live by my new year’s resolutions. I...